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The Freedom Project

PART ONE – What’s going on

Module One. Our 3 brains

Most of us think that creativity comes from the mind…from having a ‘creative mindset’. But creativity is an energy that flows through us. We are the vehicles through which that gets expressed. In this module, we look at the structure of our 3 brains – mind, heart and gut, and the way they interact with creative energy.

Module Two. Identity and the mind

In this module, we look at aspects of our identity and the way the mind seduces us into believing that our identity is ‘who we are’. We map out our familiar patterns for thinking and the roles that these support. We also look at the left-brain right brain balance.

Module Three. Choice and the heart

In this module we look at boundaries. Boundaries that have become to rigid or too porous as we choose love from the outside world, over our desire for autonomy and free expression. This compromises our power of choice.

Module Four. Story and the gut

We are storytelling creatives and our life is a reflection on the story we have internalised. We are all protagonist, the hero in our own story. Identifying our unconscious storylines helps us see the traps we have fallen into and helps us re-write a new storyline for a more creative, expansive life where we can live without fear.

PART TWO – What’s really going on. How things are in the underworld

Module Five. Archetypes of the mind

Our childhood roles are built on one or two archetypes, but we have many more waiting to be discovered. Working from a role can lead to burnout whereas working from essence creates an unlimited source of energy.

Module Six. Archetypes of the heart

We crave love. But being born into a world of scarcity and competition, our experience of love is usually need rather than love. In this module we look at our dysfunctional templates for love, so that we can create the necessary wiring that allows us to receive it.

Module Seven. Archetypes of the gut

We are powerful beings, but just like the genie trapped in the lamp, we are trapped by an invisible force field of fears and beliefs. Winning back our power allows us to fully express our creativity. In this module we look at the two archetypes that determine our relationship to power – the Sorcerer and the Saboteur.

Module Eight.  Archetypes of the future

As the world moves to more balance between masculine and feminine energy, it is time for new archetypes to be born, ones that more truly reflect what the world needs to evolve. This new archetype is the one of the dynamic feminine. It won’t be gender specific. It will be the natural by-product of reclaiming our creative flow.

PART THREE – Return to Creative freedom

Module Nine.  The mind…the way we see

When we look at the screen of a smart phone, it is through the lens of comparison. When we look in the mirror, it is through the lens of comparison. Comparison kills both creativity and joy. This module looks at ways we can stop looking to the external world for validation, praise or support and strengthen our inner world.

Module Ten.  The heart…the way we feel

As well as habitual thoughts of comparison, we have habitual feelings that become our “go to” response to perceived threats from the external world eg anger or sadness. We become perfectionists and people pleasers in order to avoid emotional triggers. This is not “who we are” but a learned response that we can change.

Module Eleven.  The gut…the way we act

In addition to habitual thoughts and feelings, we have habitual behaviour. We try to change our dysfunctional behaviours with willpower, but willpower is easily depleted and doesn’t get to the core of the matter. With practice, creativity can become our new automatic habit.

Module Twelve.  Directing the energy and becoming the creator

Creativity is energy and energy moves along three planes. Each one has a particular type of tension, which we need to practice holding if we’re going to master procrastination. In this module we practice holding the energy of “not yet”, of “incomplete” and of “gravity”. We look at our relationship to control, change our relationship to our inner critic and learn to reframe our mistakes as opportunities for growth and the expansion of our creative spirit.

This course is designed for six people to take together, so that the exercises can be done either in pairs or two groups of three. Price includes all workshop notes, homework, email support and a weekly zoom call of approximately 90 minutes, to track progress and troubleshoot problems. 

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