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A Rebel’s Take On Depression – because there’s some crazy paving on the road less travelled.

What happens when we fall into depression? In this bewildering state, life feels derailed and pointless. Swinging between stress and exhaustion, we’re agonizingly uncomfortable and desperate to get back to what we think of as “normal”.

But what if “normal” means we’ve only been living life on the halfway setting, in a world where we believe we have to make everything happen, on our own.

What if depression is a profound invitation to open up and access a more vital, inspiring and energizing experience of life where amazing things can happen and we can give up our fixed ideas about needing to be “in control”?

What if depression isn’t the sign of a mind that’s gone out of balance but of a free, creative spirit that’s trying to emerge?

In a frank, personal account Eleanor O’Rourke speaks honestly about the dangers, dead-ends and distractions of modern life, love, self-help and addiction and about the redemptive journey within. Breakdown charts one woman’s journey to the other side of depression… a disruptive place of breakthrough… where greater happiness, creativity and love are found.

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Customer Reviews

“A very cleverly written humorous look at all those alternative therapies and cures on offer for the dysfunctional mind. The best book I’ve read on the subject.”

“I was riveted. A 5 hour train journey took me from cover to cover. The first book I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot) that doesn’t have the corner of a single page turned over, because I quite literally didn’t put it down.”

“A book about depression that’s entertaining, informative, supportive and reads like a novel. It had me laughing aloud time after time. It also made me cry. Touching, uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable.”