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Cracking the code

So Morgan Freeman, the man who has played God a few times, has told the Huffington Post that he believes “we invented God”.  This isn’t a new concept.  Voltaire said exactly the same thing in the 18th century (“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”).  And thus, with a fancy […]

On Saints, Sinners and the Really Real.

I probably fell in love with my first boyfriend because he smoked french cigarettes.   Not just any french cigarettes – Gitanes.  I can still remember the packet, moody blue with a flamenco dancer fashioned from a plume of smoke.  It seemed to embody all the characteristics I had projected onto him – free spirited, […]


What is it about impending disaster that draws us like a moth to a flame? If we look at the world around us – land, sea and air polluted beyond recognition; corruption in banking, politics and the media; senseless wars; terrorism; the iniquitous distribution of wealth – it’s easy to recognise a civilisation in its […]

Who wants to live for ever?

It’s Easter – a significant time of death and rebirth. A time that warrants a suitable ritual. So, what have we come up with? Not much, apart from the frenzied supermarket shop, the traffic jam, and the mainlining of chocolate. If we think Christmas has lost all meaning, there isn’t much hope for Easter. Jesus’s birthday […]

Redefining Lent – it makes you think

What are you giving up for Lent? This question always takes me right back to schooldays in the convent. Competition starts at an early age, so Lent became an excuse to think of ever more elaborate and inventive ways of becoming special to Jesus. “Chocolate? That’s so easy, I heard Sophie’s getting up an hour […]