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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Have you seen the High Street lately? In case you’ve been living in a virtual world for the past few weeks, let me set the scene.  Every window has had a makeover. The confectionary shop is an explosion of heart shaped chocolates and red ribbons. The book store has replaced all the celebrity autobiographies with […]

Energy equals Ecstasy squared

Me=XTC2 Einstein was a bit of a geezer. After all, he did manage to get two opposing forces to agree with him. Until recently, these two forces were clearly defined as Religion and Science. Life was either a random grouping of molecules, or it was God’s divine plan for humanity. Pick a side. Both forces […]

How to avoid crack addiction this Christmas

It happened every year. The first signs appeared on his commute to work. Shy reindeer and slightly embarrassed baubles edged their way into the shop windows. “Jesus Christ! it’s only the first of November” Joe Turner would rage as he stormed into the office. Joe’s staff were familiar with his contempt for “the whole Christmas malarkey.” Some of […]