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St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Have you seen the High Street lately? Every window has had a makeover. The confectionary shop is an explosion of heart shaped chocolates. The book store has replaced all the celebrity autobiographies with love poetry. The supermarket has an entire aisle dedicated to edible love tokens, pink champagne and recipes for romantic dinners. And don’t get […]

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Halloween – amuse bouche of the holiday season

Halloween – the amuse bouche of the holiday season is upon us. Shop windows have been transformed (Orange and black is the new black). Funny things are appearing on restaurant menus… well, just the same things with silly names… skeleton bones, bat wings, creepy crawly pasta. Spiders and cobwebs have become THE THING, suddenly adorning […]

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End Game

If life is a Rom Com – and at times I like to indulge in this fantasy – then right about now would be the chapter where everything turns to shit. Of course, though we’re totally engaged in the drama, we know this is just a temporary state of affairs. Some amazing twist will happen […]

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Feel the burn

Oh to be in the desert this week for Burning Man   An epic adventure of Alice in Wonderland proportions. Giant structures. A kaleidescope of colour. Creative anarchy. A  tribal gathering of people committed to a different way of life – one filled with spontaneity,  self-expression and fun. One unrestricted by the conventions of the 9-5. No […]

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