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The creativity of the future — how to win at the real hunger games

We all remember it. Advertising Age included it in the top 50 greatest commercials of all time. Who knows how many children were spurred into “creative careers” as a result of seeing it on television during the Superbowl commercials. This is of course the 1984 ad for the Apple computer. Its message was heroic — Apple saves […]

On Sleeping Beauty, the Bourne Identity and Geometricity*

It’s Christmas… time for homecoming stories. Lanky boys return from university with bags of washing and stories of all night drinking sessions, or the miracle of passed exams. Savvy girls back from the big smoke with too much eyeliner recount stories of sociopathic bosses or avaricious landlords. The identities in the stories differ, but the […]

Permission to think creatively, sir…

It was business guru, Seth Godin, who popularised the term “Permission Marketing”.  Like all new phrases, Permission Marketing emerged from the culture that surrounded it. We had grown tired of its opposite force – “Interruption Marketing” – the barrage of information coming at us from all forms of media. “Buy me! Notice me! Like me!” […]