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On Sleeping Beauty, the Bourne Identity and Geometricity*

It’s Christmas… time for homecoming stories. Lanky boys return from university with bags of washing and stories of all night drinking sessions, or the miracle of passed exams. Savvy girls back from the big smoke with too much eyeliner recount stories of sociopathic bosses or avaricious landlords. The identities in the stories differ, but the […]

Wall Lord

I’ve seen two shows this past month in London.  The Wall – an epic production which chronicles Roger Water’s rite of passage from boy to adult, and Lord of the Flies – an open air theatre experience in Regents Park, which does the same.   They seem to perfectly encapsulate the two modes of behavior […]


Where are we going?  Why aren’t we there yet? Could there be something wrong with the map? In geometry, triangulation is the process of determining a location by measuring the angles from either end of the baseline rather than measuring distance to the location directly. In our haste to be destination oriented…’Goals!’  ‘Vision!’ ‘Focus!’ we’ve […]