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The point of triangles

In the geometric world, triangles represents the interface between choice and creative forces. We make thousands of choices every day so it’s tempting to imagine what life could be like if we made different choices.  Not just the big choices, like where to work or who to marry, but the small ones – after all […]


Because life is simple and complex. Geometricity describes the interface between geometry (shapes or patterns) and electricity (force). Life in simple terms could be described as a force flowing through a pattern.  If we want to change the world (hands up, you know who you are) we need to look at which one of these […]


Is it me or does anyone else want to hit this woman? Every now and then in our pattern forming world, it’s time to create some new images, new archetypes if you will.  Some of the old tried and tested archetypes have remained with us since the Greeks, some have had a bit of a […]