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All the rage

Remember the days when every motivational seminar, strategy session and change management program, began with an iceberg model? This visual was used to represent what we thought was the problem (tip of the iceberg) and of course the much bigger problem lurking beneath the surface (which we were all trying to avoid). You could use […]

End Game

If life is a Rom Com – and at times I like to indulge in this fantasy – then right about now would be the chapter where everything turns to shit. Of course, though we’re totally engaged in the drama, we know this is just a temporary state of affairs. Some amazing twist will happen […]

Teach your children well…

Child Abuse… Again. Every time it happens, we rant in outrage or bow our heads and mumble about the inevitability of it all.   But neither response provides any relief for the powerlessness we feel.    The outraged, campaign and raise money to track down the perpetrators. For the bowed heads, it’s yet another reason to lock up children […]