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Geometricity 1

What is it?

A word I made up from geometry and electricity (two things I didn’t understand at school) to describe one big thing we all need to understand…

The way we handle creative energy.

If we want to create…(whether that’s big, or small…) e.g. starting a business; solving a problem or writing a document, we have to take an idea and turn it into reality.

It sounds simple, but what we’re actually doing is engaging in an alchemical process whereby we convert something invisible (the idea) into something visible.

When this process is vastly speeded up, it looks like magic, as it follows the same sequence as a magic trick…

First there’s the thought (incantation), then the action (gesture of hand or magic wand –usually accompanied by electricity sparks – then the manifestation – as the thing or new reality appears.

We love observing this alchemy in action – because we love stories of magicians and wizards.  But we’re not so fond of actually being part of this process ourselves – because it means we have to FEEL something.

After all, we are the earthing rod through which the electricity travels.

And no-one ever taught us how to manage this feeling of energy in our body.

So what happens?

We experience energy in the body as emotion.

We love the positive emotions – joy, bliss, excitement, glee.

And we love the various expressions of these positive emotions – inspired thinking, creative action, spontaneous decision making.

But we can’t have the positive without the negative.

So we have to become comfortable with the energies of fear, resistance, envy and frustration.

And we have to learn a new way of handling these energies apart from our usual defaults of

Expressing them outwards – blaming/attacking others with aggression or passive aggression (sulking DOES count!)

Suppressing them inwards – blaming/attacking our mind (self criticism, perfectionism) or blaming/attacking our body (the self medication of food and alcohol)

If we want to be extremely creative, both at work and at home. If we want the kind of creativity that can…

Solve complex problems
Build innovative teams
Take our relationships to the next level
Change our lives for the better

Then we really need to understand, manage and direct creative energy.

Shaping Up

Energy, though it’s invisible, channels through a shape.  Electricity is invisible – yet we know how many forms that can take.  It can make toast for breakfast; play an iTunes playlist or light up a dark room.

It can also kill you if you step on a railway line, put your fingers in the socket or get hit by lightning.

Creative energy is essentially the same.  If we manage it well we can turn it into amazing art or genius science (Salvador Dali.  Albert Einstein).  But if we can’t manage the energy, it can destroy us (Jimi Hendrix.  Sylvia Plath)

We all want more energy so that we can do stuff quicker and better.
We want to work from inspiration rather than the drudgery.

Our preferred way of getting more energy is to control our mind.  We make plans, mind maps and strategies.  Our mantras are FOCUS! DETERMINATION! WILLPOWER!

We LOVE the mind. We think having a brilliant mind is the portal to success. We think a superior intellect will help us solve problems at work, and an understanding of psychology will enable us to have better relationships at home.

But problems didn’t get solved, and divorce rates continue to soar.

On a good day we start off full of energy. We need this energy because we want to create an outcome – whether that’s inventing something new, fixing something old or just getting to the end of the emails in time to meet someone for dinner.

But then stuff happens.

Other people let us down. They don’t do what they were supposed to do.

The big idea won’t come and we stare in front of a blank screen.

We fix one problem, only to find we’ve created three more that we didn’t see coming.

Outcome? We don’t even finish the emails. We’re stressed and late for dinner ensuring we’re on the receiving end of sulking. We think this is unreasonable so we become angry. Because we’re upset we feel entitled to some kind of indulgence – bottle of Rioja, triple chocolate brownie or social media (the lovely kind of social that doesn’t blame you for anything, or require your presence!)

We go to bed tired, but can’t sleep so reach for the smart phone and go back to the emails.

Day ends.

Note this scenario even happens to very intelligent people.  (So much for all that focus on education.)

Robert Burns commented in 1786  that the best laid plans of mice and men often go wrong.  Nothing much has changed since then – despite the fact that we’re more intelligent and have the kind of space age technology that Robbie could only dream of.

Our mind is a small part of us – and we only use about 5% of it anyway – so it’s a TINY part of us. The majority of what comprises who we are is made of energy.  We need to look to that, rather than our mind, if we’re going to successfully change our reality.

There’s no shortage of energy supply – we just have some old fashioned wiring, so most of us only have access to low voltage energy. Want to launch a rocket ship to the stars but we’re stuck in the kitchen, making toast.

How does Geometricity work?  The seven steps.

1.  Diagnostic:  Energy flows through a pattern. A template.

What are the patterns we’ve created, both individually and collectively?

2.  Understanding:  Energy dynamics. Energy travels in three directions

  • It moves towards (forwards)
  • It moves away from (withdraws)
  • It moves against (fights)

3.  Identifying:  What are our current methods for directing this flow?

  • Towards… How do we manage the energy of desire?
  • Away from… How do we manage the energy of loss?
  • Against… How do we manage the energy of conflict?

4.  Awareness:  What has been the outcome in our immediate and extended environment?

  • In us – Are we as creative and inspired as we’d like to be?
  • With a significant other – Are our partnerships/collaborations creative or a carefully managed mine field?
  • Within a group – Do our relationships with work colleagues create energy or leave us drained and exhausted?

5.  Development:  We learn tools and techniques to become more skilled at running energy through the body without the need to push it down, deflect it or express it in unconscious or immature ways.

6.  Imagination:  We start making new patterns; new ways of being.

7.  Expansion:  We expand our capacity to receive more energy and to direct it in increasingly creative ways.

GEOMETRICITY… It’s like dancing lessons for your soul.

(Jazz hands optional)