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How to avoid crack addiction this Christmas

It happened every year. The first signs appeared on his commute to work. Shy reindeer and slightly embarrassed baubles edged their way into the shop windows. “Jesus Christ! it’s only the first of November” Joe Turner would rage as he stormed into the office. Joe’s staff were familiar with his contempt for “the whole Christmas malarkey.” Some of […]


Where are we going?  Why aren’t we there yet? Could there be something wrong with the map? In geometry, triangulation is the process of determining a location by measuring the angles from either end of the baseline rather than measuring distance to the location directly. In our haste to be destination oriented…’Goals!’  ‘Vision!’ ‘Focus!’ we’ve […]

The 4th bite of the apple

It seems like only yesterday we were talking about ‘the knowledge economy’ and ‘the information age’, but already this is becoming out of date as we enter – The Energy Age. To be fair, it’s been coming for quite a while, we just didn’t read the signs.  As soon as the atom was split we […]


Philosophers, mystics, environmentalist, visionaries and quantum physicists.  What’s the common denominator here? – they all teach the concept of ‘WE are all one’.  In other words, we may look like individuals, but we are connected in ways we previously couldn’t imagine. This complex topic, previously the exclusive terrain of intellectuals, is currently being played out […]