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Wall Lord

I’ve seen two shows this past month in London.  The Wall – an epic production which chronicles Roger Water’s rite of passage from boy to adult, and Lord of the Flies – an open air theatre experience in Regents Park, which does the same.   They seem to perfectly encapsulate the two modes of behavior […]


Where are we going?  Why aren’t we there yet? Could there be something wrong with the map? In geometry, triangulation is the process of determining a location by measuring the angles from either end of the baseline rather than measuring distance to the location directly. In our haste to be destination oriented…’Goals!’  ‘Vision!’ ‘Focus!’ we’ve […]


Because life is simple and complex. Geometricity describes the interface between geometry (shapes or patterns) and electricity (force). Life in simple terms could be described as a force flowing through a pattern.  If we want to change the world (hands up, you know who you are) we need to look at which one of these […]