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Thanks for signing up!

You’re going to get so much out of this… just the commitment to show up for yourself every day is going to be transformational.

You’ll gain creative insight through the writing and you’ll gain freedom through the art, but most importantly you’ll get to meet your inner creative spirit who is right now jumping for joy at the prospect.

So… get your materials ready.

You’ll need…

art materials for whatever medium you choose…

Coloured pencils, coloured felt pens, or watercolour pencils or…

Paints and paintbrushes, either water colour or acrylic or…

Pastels, either oil or chalk.

A drawing pad suitable for whichever medium… (paint will require thicker paper)

A journal with blank pages for the writing. Treat yourself to a hard backed one. If necessary (for instance if you travel a lot) you can do the art in the same journal as the writing but this means you’ll need the largest size of journal (foolscap size) which you’ll find in an art shop as it has thicker pages than normal writing journals.

Lastly your favourite pen for writing with.

We start on Monday 23rd with your first recording via email.

Message me if you have any queries re the art materials.

I can’t wait to work with you…