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Flow Without The F*ckery

Wake up your killer creativity

Sometimes life is sticky. We make our best-laid plans but we struggle with distractions, bemoan our lack of willpower and find it hard to get anything done.

Then there are those days when we’re in Flow. Rather than chasing the next thing on our checklist, momentum arises from inside. One action moves seamlessly into the next. Life feels more like a spontaneous dance than a familiar routine. We’re inspired, creative and full of energy.

Flow can seem like a magical state that arrives randomly. We can’t control it any more than we can control falling in love. Or can we?

This book proposes that Flow is actually our natural state of being, but we have created barriers that prevent us from fully accessing it. These internal blocks are the learned patterns, familiar roles and old stories we continue to live by.

Once we transform these programs, we become a clear channel for Flow. Life force energy can move through us without blockages of fear, self-doubt, or procrastination. Our expansion allows us to access the power of killer creativity and fierce love… and life becomes infinitely more interesting.

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The Freedom Project

How To Find Contentment In A Crazy World

Is for everyone who wants to feel alive again – unstuck, creative and in the flow, while navigating the chaos and shifting paradigms of 21st century life. 

Eleanor O’Rourke author, creative coach, former road manager for rock stars and corporate marketing maven, brings life lessons, wry humour, and on the road savvy, gleaned from the fifty years between the 1969 Summer of Love and today, to help Boomers and Millennials alike to:

*Understand the difference between identity and energy – between how things look and how they are.

*Overcome procrastination by mastering the power of choice.

*Chart the potential pitfalls, seductions and spells of the underworld via the archetypes in Arthurian legend.

With THE FREEDOM PROJECT in hand, you’ll gain a new perspective of your stories, choices and potential, along with a trusty metaphysical toolkit for stressors of mind, heart and gut. You’ll learn to walk the tightrope of gravity and grace, as old systems break down to make way for the new…feeling less overwhelmed, more content and more fully alive. 

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A Rebel’s Take On Depression

What happens when we fall into depression? In this bewildering state, life feels derailed and pointless. Swinging between stress and exhaustion, we’re agonizingly uncomfortable and desperate to get back to what we think of as “normal”.


But what if “normal” means we’ve only been living life on the halfway setting, in a world where we believe we have to make everything happen, on our own.

What if depression is a profound invitation to open up and access a more vital, inspiring and energizing experience of life where amazing things can happen and we can give up our fixed ideas about needing to be “in control”?

What if depression isn’t the sign of a mind that’s gone out of balance but of a free, creative spirit that’s trying to emerge?

In a frank, personal account Eleanor O’Rourke speaks honestly about the dangers, dead-ends and distractions of modern life, love, self-help and addiction and about the redemptive journey within. Breakdown charts one woman’s journey to the other side of depression… a disruptive place of breakthrough… where greater happiness, creativity and love are found.

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One Woman’s Quest To Reclaim Her Creative Mojo

Everyone has a creative spirit… it’s the part of us that ‘feels’ alive.
As children, we couldn’t wait to grow up and use this creativity in the big playground of life.  But, as Phil Collins pointed out, “something happened on the way to heaven.”  In our haste to join the big boys, we adopted their rules and values.  And what they valued was ‘the left brain.’

We were hoodwinked…

Our hero’s adventure turned into a fairy tale, in which we traded our magic beans for a cow.  Our mothers were furious (women!!) but we fiercely defended our decision (kids!!) and pretty soon this cow had become sacred.

Enter Jack…

It’s time to become a principled boy, get back our magic beans, plant them and climb the beanstalk to the creative life.

40 days and 40 nights is a book about finding and reconnecting to our creative spirit.  Forty is an archetypal number – the number of days Noah spent in the flood; the number of days Jesus spent in the desert.

It documents the journey I took to reclaim my lost creativity when faced with writer’s block.  Each day presents a traditional self-help adage, and puts it into the context of a daily setting.  In this way the philosophies and expressions of the new age (often familiar purely as concepts) get put through their paces in a real-life setting.

There have been many wonderful books that describe creativity in a reverential way.  This one is a quirky alternative, so hopefully will open up the conversation to a wider audience.

As a side bar, creativity brings with it a bunch of other gifts – joy, laughter, ingenuity, intuition, abundance and fun.  It makes us want to jump out of bed in the morning for no good reason.

This book isn’t just for writers, painters or potters.  It’s for anyone who wants to think, work or love in a more creative way.

Take the 40 day challenge.

Claim your creative power.
Change your world.

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