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These workshops are designed to generate a more creative atmosphere at work. If your workplace suffers from stress, blame or poor communication, then chances are productivity is low and absenteeism is high. The work environment has the potential to be a collaborative dream or a dysfunctional nightmare.

Understanding how better to relate to others is critical, not only because it promotes a healthy working environment, but because true collaboration is the most productive, creative energy we can gain access to.

Connecting people to their creative energy fosters idea generation but it also has other advantages, like better conversations and enhanced decision-making capability.

The world needs creativity now more than ever.

If you’re a CEO, Manager or Team leader, tasked with ensuring your business succeeds and innovates in the 21st century, you need all the help you can get. Whether that’s a single workshop to diagnose problem areas, a series of workshops to establish new ways of working, or a rolled out program to integrate new behaviours into the workforce.

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This is a comprehensive 6 module course based on liberating your creative spirit to live an inspired and meaningful life.

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Luckily, creativity isn’t something we ever lose. It lies dormant, waiting for us to make a decision.

This is our first problem. We hate making decisions – and that impacts hugely on our ability to translate our talent into creations. Creativity is ultimately the skill to execute our power of choice with wild abandon, unrestricted by self-doubt or fear of the consequences.

This is a four module course that can be done in your own space and time. For more information on whether this course is the right one for you click here.

Each week you will receive a class via email. There will be a topic to read and reflect on, together with exercises to complete, and a telephone consultation.

Creativity is the ability to direct energy – and this is a skill that can be learnt. Sometimes the energy makes us feel uncomfortable, causing us to search for quick hits to ease the anxiety. But we can’t get rid of energy, instead we need to develop our ability to capture and use it with mastery.

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