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Creative Freedom

This is a 40-day online course designed for you to meet your creative spirit.

Each day you will receive an email with an audio file that will have a topic for the day followed by a writing exercise and a drawing exercise.

Doing this process, course participants have experienced huge leaps forward in their creativity, powerful shifts in their perception, and an overall sense of knowing themselves at a much deeper level. You’ll gain creative insight through the writing, freedom through the art, and discover the full expression of your creative spirit on the page. 

Module One. What is creativity?

In this module, we explore what creativity really is, and how it works. You will discover…

  • That creativity is not restricted to a certain person (artist, author, actor) or a specific output (art, movie, book), it’s an energy that’s freely available to all.
  • That you have the innate capacity to be creative, there is just some inner resistance to the energy, that prevents you from fully accessing your creative spirit. 
  • How to practice connecting to a flow state, by becoming more curious, more aware and increasing your capacity for wonder and imagination.

Module Two. Who are you really

In our second session, we explore… you, as the container or template through which creative energy flows. This allows us to uncover some of the blocks that stop the energy. You will gain insight into…

  • Understanding the difference between your identity and your creativity. 
  • A discovery of the roles your identity plays in order to get needs met – needs for validation, love or mere survival versus the desires of the creative spirit – joy, and a sense of being truly alive.
  • You will become aware of how habitual these roles have become and how many have been turned into rules that have to be obeyed and duties that have to be fulfilled.

Module Three. Decision paralysis

In module three we explore the roots of our “dual” either/or thinking, which forces us into internal polarised debates. This becomes the biggest source of our procrastination. You will discover…

  • How our “carrot or stick” reward system became hard-wired in us so that every choice we make is weighted with the possibility of joy or pain.
  • How our culture of winning or losing reinforces this wiring, making decisions harder than they should be.
  • How our evolutionary impulse for “more”… more life, more expansion, more creativity has been hijacked and turned into the need for more stuff, success, or money, which only creates more and more anxiety.

Module Four. The archetypes of the Hero and the Orphan

In this module, we drill down into two of our earliest archetypal patterns in order to gain more clarity and awareness of our unconscious beliefs which in turn become our habitual response to life’s challenges. We will meet…

  • Our inner hero archetype. This makes its appearance in early childhood. Our creative spirit is heroic in nature because it has no fear. It is driven by curiosity, wonder and “what if…” However, once the hero is claimed by our identity, it becomes needy for validation and creates demands. The expression of our creativity must guarantee praise and anything that could result in criticism must be avoided at all costs.
  • Our creative spirit also has an inner orphan, because once we experience ourselves as a separate self, we feel a sense of being orphaned – disconnected from the source of our energy and power. This can make us feel a little lost and cause us to rush to counterfeit belonging – to tribes, gurus, methodologies… always scrolling social media looking for a place to fit in.

Module Five. Archetypes of the Knight and the Damsel

In session five we explore the consequences of our need for validation and love, as we became adults. This is where we learned to trade our creative power for what we considered valuable.

  • The child hero becomes the adult knight. The Knight becomes heroic at work, putting in long hours and fighting the competition. He/she develops leadership qualities but is often disconnected from his/her heart so has to do everything with willpower, adrenaline, and caffeine. A consequence of this behaviour is “perfectionism” which leads to burnout. 
  • The child orphan becomes the adult damsel, seeking love and approval. The Damsel has so many dreams, and is highly creative, but can’t take action or follow through, so ends up supporting the dreams of others. The consequence of this behaviour is “people pleasing” which leads to resentment.

Module Six. Archetypes of Saboteur and the Sorcerer

In the final module, we explore the power of our inner sorcerer and the saboteur who stands in its way. The saboteur hates change and loves old habits. You will discover…

  • A deep dive into the saboteur’s fear of the creative power of the sorcerer.
  • Tools to create an intimate relationship with your creative spirit.
  • How to access a flow state and ways to channel this energy into your work and relationships.

How it works?

Each day you will receive an audio file with a short lesson to complete involving a writing exercise, a drawing exercise, and a gratitude exercise. This can be done in as little as ten minutes and as long as you’d like to linger.

The price of the course is £395 and includes two private coaching calls – one 20 minute call before the course and one 50 minute call that you can take at the end or at any time during the course. If you would like to purchase more coaching, to deepen your process, that can also be done at any time.