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Reclaiming Your Creative Power

Reclaiming your creative power

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Why this course?

We all have a creative spirit, which provides an endless supply of inspired ideas. We also have an ego mind, which tends to default to control, safety and habit. When these two forces work in harmony, true co-rcreativity can occur.

Trained by Caroline Myss, Eleanor navigates, this journey, of idea to form, through the lens of archetypes. We have many archetypes inside us but is is the archetypes of survival that hinder our progress. These act as blocks, protecting us from our unconscious fears and stopping the full expression of our creativity.

The course content covers:

Module One- Where are you, and what do you want?

This is part one of the Discovery section. We map what’s going on in the left hemisphere of your brain by asking it lots of questions. This allows us to become more aware of our current operating system and the choices we make automatically. We start to drill down into a greater understanding of what we really want.

When it comes to creativity, most of our patterns were established a long time ago, so in this module we look at different aspects of the Child archetype…the part of us that fears the responsibility that goes with fully owning our own creative power.

Module Two – Here be dragons

This is part two of the Discovery section in which we explore the right hemisphere of the brain. Actually there is no fence, which is why we have constructed a massive shield that stops us hooking up with our creative spirit.

In this module we look at the Victim archetype – the one in charge of our addictions. Mark One addictions (of the broken heart) include food, alcohol, self pity and romantic fiction. Mark Two addictions (of the ego) include work, status, popularity and expensive brands. When we’re not connected to our creative spirit, we substitute by reaching for someone or something to connect to.

Module Three – Show me the money

This is part one of the Development section in which we start to work with magnetics – specifically what type of power pulls us off our chosen course. How do we feel about the creative power of other people?

In this module we look at the Prostitute archetype – the part of our psyche that negotiated our creative spirit. Where do we trade for safety.

We drill down into our erroneous belief systems around money and creativity.

Module Four – Resistance

This is part two of the Development section in which we work with our internal magnetics – specifically our mechanisms for resisting the creative power we want access to.

In this module we look at the Saboteur archetype – the part of us that really doesn’t want to change and so creates havoc on an unconscious level. The time we spend dealing with this drama gives us the best excuse in the world to avoid a creative life.

Cost: Includes information and worksheets, together with two hours of private consultation. $400/£315

You haven’t lost your creativity.
But you do need to start making decisions.Perhaps this is the first one you can make.