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Reclaiming Your Creative Power

THE 40 DAY COURSE – Reclaiming your creative power

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Why this course?

Ever since Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge, or the monkeys developed a neo cortex (depending on your point of view) we have been blessed/cursed with the ability to make conscious choices. Each choice involves a loss, creating ‘demons’ that tease or curse us. These demons compel us to look backwards to the “what ifs”. They prod and poke at our minds, causing us to doubt our abilities. We need to slay them!

My aim for you with this course is two-fold. First, to provide you with all the tools and techniques you need to regain your own birthright of creativity. Second, to enable you to live more comfortably in this 21st century world of limitless choice, armed with a brand new mojo.

The course content covers:

Module One- Where the hell are you?

This is part one of the Discovery section. We make a map of the inside of the left hemisphere of your brain by asking it lots of questions. That way you can become more aware of your present operating system and all the automatic choices you are currently making.

In this module we look at the Child archetype. Remember most of your default buttons were established a long time ago, so while we don’t go in for all that ‘inner child’ stuff, it’s a good idea to look under the hood before we tune up the engine.

The child is all about having a requirement for safety and consistency – that means uncertainty and change will have been avoided. We may have forgotten our original idea of what a good time looks like!

In this module we start to drill down into what we really, really want.

Module Two – Here be dragons!

This is part two of the Discovery section in which we explore the perimeter fence of the right hemisphere of the brain. Actually there is no fence, which is why we have constructed a massive shield that stops us hooking up with our creative spirit.

In this module we look at the Victim archetype – the one in charge of our addictions. Mark One addictions (of the broken heart) include food, alcohol, self pity and romantic fiction. Mark Two addictions (of the ego) include work, status, popularity and expensive brands.

The Victim is all about our need to be fused to something. We’ll never be able to fly if we’re stuck like glue to something or somebody else.

This is where we practice feeling comfortable with different types of energy so we don’t immediately reach for the ‘earthing rod’ of our addiction of choice.

Module Three – Show me the money

This is part one of the Development section in which we start to work with magnetics – specifically what type of power pulls us off our chosen course. How do we feel about the creative power of other people?

In this module we look at the Prostitute archetype – the part of our psyche that negotiated our creative spirit. We’ve made some poor trade offs over the years but now that we realize the true value of our creativity, we need to re-negotiate terms.

We drill down into our erroneous belief systems around money and creativity.

Module Four – Resistance

This is part two of the Development section in which we work with our internal magnetics – specifically our mechanisms for resisting the creative power we want access to.

In this module we look at the Saboteur archetype – the part of us that really doesn’t want to change and so creates havoc on an unconscious level. The time we spend dealing with this drama gives us the best excuse in the world to avoid a creative life.

This is where we become very specific and disciplined. We hit the Saboteur with every trick in the book… and then some.

Module Five – Where do you want to go?

This is the Decision framework. Now that we have mapped the territory of the left and right we can move forward with confidence and balance. We don’t set a goal, put on some blinkers and go. That’s old school. It doesn’t take into account our changing context and it doesn’t allow any new inspiration from the energy that surrounds us.

We learn to zig and zag towards our goal, safe in the knowledge that:

  1. We can be open to the new thoughts/inspiration from the left.
  2. We will be able to process any uncomfortable feelings from the right.

Our whole operating platform becomes much wider and though our goals don’t necessarily change, they can become richer and deeper along the way.

We start making better decisions.

Module Six – Becoming magical

This is the Roadmap for the future. Having mapped left and right, on the horizontal axis, we learn the mechanics of manifestation (from above to below) on the vertical one. That way we can always line up our goals in the cross hairs!

We make a stand against the tyranny of comparison, and the self-doubt this has previously engendered. With a greater understanding of our unique nature, and our unique story, we can make our contribution to the world with confidence and courage.

Of course there’s a load of practical tips on creativity, like stream of consciousness writing; drawing exercises; time management; mind mapping… but you knew all of that right? You know how to google ‘creativity’. You just want something that works this time.

Timeframe: 40 Days and 40 Nights. Six lessons in two formats:

  1. Premium package: Information and worksheets, together with three hours of personal time – via skype or telephone – either half an hour per week or one hour every other week. Choose this for a bespoke guided journey through the entire process. $400
  2. Entry-level package: If you’re someone who’s happy to work through things on your own, this is also an option. All the information and worksheets downloaded to your inbox once a week. $40

40 Day Course

You haven’t lost your creativity.
But you do need to start making decisions.Perhaps this is the first one you can make.