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Creativity. Nailing jelly to a wall

On the whole we’re pretty macho with our creativity.  We don’t like the airy-fairy nature of the ephemeral.  We talk about wresting our creative demons to the ground and showing them who’s boss.

Creativity isn’t something we do, it’s something we are.

For way too long masculine energy has ruled the world.  At first this was a good thing.  To be honest, we were all a bit bored in the agricultural age and were quite happy when men got all geeky and started inventing bits of machinery.  It’s one thing to look at rural pictures of loveliness on “beautiful boutique hotels of the”.  It’s quite another to cope with the mundane routine of unchanging days where nothing new or different ever happens.

Masculine energy shakes things up a little.  It’s busy and purposeful.  (We only have to watch the journey of a sperm reaching an egg to know exactly how focused masculine energy can be).  It gets things done.

Of course one could argue, that over the course of the last hundred years, too many things got done and we are now looking at the side effects of all that “doing”.  This is the point where Mother Nature pops her head in the door and is slightly alarmed by the chaos and mess created by all those boy’s games.  “I turn my back for five minutes!”

But wait!  Creativity was supposed to be a feminine thing.  The muse is female.  If we want more creative solutions to the world’s problems (cleaning up the mess of the last hundred years) we need to put women in charge.  We need to go back to the harmony of the rural idyll.

Well no… not really.  We can’t flip flop from a masculine to a feminine way.  “Tag you’re ‘it’… Your turn now.”  We are evolving creatures.  We can’t go backwards.  Funnily enough, in our current state, we can’t go forwards either – things are way too messed up for that.

But we can go sideways.

Cutting edge creativity requires a male and a female component.  Luckily we have both elements within us – obviously in varying proportions.  The idea (masculine) is incubated and birthed through the female.  If the female is wounded, she cannot love the idea and bring it to term.  If the male is wounded, he creates too many unloved and unlovely ideas without thought of the consequences.

It’s the crime of the (last) century.

Enough’s enough!  We need a new plan.  A merger.  We need to join up, make friends and “play nicely” together.  Because we have been so in awe of masculine energy, society has placed a high value on its attributes.  We’re all about the doing, focussing and goal setting… so obviously we try to “do” creativity.  This is where we went wrong.

Put down the hammer.  Creativity isn’t something we do, it’s something we are.

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