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Is the power of energy within geometry.It supports our aim to make the leap to a higher level of consciousness by expanding our capacity to channel creative energy.  

Our old patterns were designed to keep life static, to keep us safe.  


Before we sign up for more creative energy, it would be wise to figure out what we are doing with the energy we already have. 

Most of us are making unconscious investments that a reaping poor rewards.  We use our energy to finance our fears, attitudes, beliefs and projections.  Our subsequent inability to fuel creative endeavours is one of the chief causes of our current epidemic of hopelessness – both personal and professional.

We go around in ever decreasing circles, held in an orbit we cannot escape from, constantly recreating the same stories.


Once we identify some of the leaks in the system we can explore increasing our energy by using the dynamic tension between two opposing forces to propel us forward.

F Scott Fitzgerald once remarked that the test of a first rate intelligence was the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind while still retaining the ability to function.
We now know that the heart has a lesser known intelligence of its own.  Balancing the intelligence of the mind with the intelligence of the heart while establishing a new third co-ordinate is powerful alchemy.

But first we have to win back our hearts…no mean feat, but a clarion call for the courageous.  


Now we’re getting somewhere we need to lay down a strong foundation to build our platform on. 

Before we do this we need to address the four survival patterns that we all share.  These were laid down early on in our evolutionary story but still bug us today.  They will never go away so we must manage them consciously or be managed by them unconsciously. They are:

The Child: wants to be indulged, to blame and to remain unaccountable for our choices.

The Victim: challenges our lack of self esteem, weak boundaries and readiness to give away power to a stronger figure.

The Prostitute: helps us discover the occasions our power can be bought and sold in the marketplace of life.

The Saboteur: loves to find all the negatives, constantly producing reasons why something will fail because it is frightened of change.


Once we uncover and release the limiting patterns of the survival archetypes we can discover positive new archetypes…
and create better patterns that more adequately reflect the demands of our emerging consciousness.

Our current ‘hero’s journey’ is one that follows leaving a group (family of origin or corporate workplace) to becoming an individual (self made man/brand me).  The next stage that we struggle with is the return to the group with the boon – the new found wisdom that emerges from the quest.  This is because our experience of groups thus far has associations with neediness. Networks are often feeding frenzies for prostitutes. Support groups are associated with victims.

By working through our negative patterns we can break this spell and create Value Networks.  True resource centres based on creativity instead of need.

Natural wealth.

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