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Where are we going?  Why aren’t we there yet? Could there be something wrong with the map?

In geometry, triangulation is the process of determining a location by measuring the angles from either end of the baseline rather than measuring distance to the location directly.

In our haste to be destination oriented…’Goals!’  ‘Vision!’ ‘Focus!’ we’ve somehow forgotten how important the angles are.  Angles are trickier than objectives.  Objectives are simple – ‘Keep working, rewards are on their way’. ‘Keep climbing – there is summat at the summit’.  Despite the plethora of motivation coaches, most people are just not buying this anymore. The coaches response to this seems to be ‘More enthusiasm! More aphorisms! More apostrophes!

Sorry, we’re still not buying it. There’s nothing wrong with the message.  There’s everything wrong with the energy behind the message.  And energy is what we’re all about these days.

Objectives are all about ‘jam tomorrow’. Angles require careful calibration of the ‘now’. What’s really going on right now.

With the speed up of evolution, the digital world arrived bang on time – instant information updates allow us to move fast.  The internet is superior to the text book, the sat nav superior to the map. But the operators aren’t keeping up.  We require an upgrade.

A little history of our psyche so far…In the 1950s the ‘positive thinking’ movement kicked off – ‘it’s better to be happy than sad’. In the 1980s therapy came along – ‘most of that positive stuff is denial – let’s go back to the past and clean it up’. The current advice seems to advocate living in the future. Goals!

But focussing on the future robs us of the potential contained in the now.

Universal consciousness is the sat nav for the psyche.  Imagine being able to tune in to a navigational tool that constantly reconfigures complexity at light speed. Imagine reading the energy of what is about to emerge before it comes into view.  So what’s the cost of this upgrade?

Honesty. Energy doesn’t lie.  Pretending to be happy when we’re sad, means sad.  Making sacrifices while imagining some future happiness means sacrifice. Let’s get real about what we feel.

Presence. Energy can’t live anywhere but in the present moment.  Working through the issues of the past or focussing on the bright future both mean living in a fantasy.  Neither of them exist. One isn’t better than the other, they’re just different stories that guarantee we’re not here.

Most of our ‘doing’, ‘busyness’ and ‘drama’ are a compensation for our refusal to feel what’s really going on right now. Our next stage of evolution doesn’t require more intelligence, it requires more feeling, more heart. This is the only tool that will help us avert major catastrophes whether they be global or personal.

Dumb animals live in the now. They don’t have millions in the bank but they don’t die in tsunamis (how dumb?). There’s an old joke – what’s the difference between your dog and your wife/husband? – put them in the trunk of a car, come back an hour later and see which one will be pleased to see you.  Dogs are brilliant at living in the now.

The question is – do we want to live as masters or live in mastery?

Stop the striving. Corporations, colleagues, kids…we’ve all got goals and objectives these days.  Most of them are driven by need rather than love.

We can’t push other people to do things our way, any more than we can push ourselves. It’s an illusion.  Things are happening anyway by the driving force of universal energy. If we practiced tuning in to that energy we would get there much faster and easier.

We’re not in control. The destination has already been agreed. Put some music on and enjoy the ride…now.

Because if everyone has an angle it makes triangulation impossible.

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