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End Game

If life is a Rom Com – and at times I like to indulge in this fantasy – then right about now would be the chapter where everything turns to shit.

Of course, though we’re totally engaged in the drama, we know this is just a temporary state of affairs. Some amazing twist will happen bringing relief and joy as love conquers all.

“Eleanor, keep the drama on the page” my writing teacher Sara used to tell me. At that time my life resembled a near death experience on a daily basis, so writing some of it down might have proved a more lucrative pastime than trying to figure out what I wanted to BE (I couldn’t add ‘when I grow up’ because sadly I was not 7 at the time).

The rather innocent question of “what do you want to be when you grow up” has been replaced these days by the quest to ‘find ones purpose’. Purpose is EVERYWHERE. ┬áBusinesses want to find their purpose (many of them just got bored with the ‘Vision’ thing and wanted a new word that sounded both soulful and kick assy at the same time.) Individuals want to find their purpose.

Purpose is like purposeful but it has come to mean something very different. Purposeful is about determination and being useful, but the word Purpose now has a silent ‘H’ and has become synonymous with HIGHER PURPOSE.

Right now the world could really use some Purposeful, as it’s not looking in great shape. So where’s all the help?

It seems to be stuck in traffic on the road less travelled.

You can’t move for purpose seekers.

Meanwhile, the world is going crazy. Some global elite bad guys are stealing all the money, controlling the food chain and poisoning the water hole with a nasty virus of FEAR.

This is the time for heroes.

Not the old fashioned version, all brawn and no brain who can’t walk into a room without Flight of the Valkyries coming over the PA. Not someone who sees everything in black and white and swears on the Bible to uphold the laws of the land. This is a time of complexity. We need a combination of smart thinking and smart action.

If our current equivalent to the Bible is social media (i.e. it’s the only thing that gets read every day) then perhaps we need some new stories right now.

I try to be all 21st century and stuff but really it’s exhausting. I am aphorism’d out. Post after post of positive thinking gems, pictures of people jumping in oceans, meditating on mountains, smiling in that ‘special needs’ kind of way and punching the air with their awesomeness. Endless webinars, seminars and retreats aimed at helping you LIVE YOUR PURPOSE.


And the comments are even more depressing. “I just know I’m meant to do something really big… I always knew I was destined for greatness… I have all these gifts in me and I just want to serve – of course I only want to serve people who’ll pay me huge amounts of money (because I’m worth it) and because I need that money to live the life of my dreams that I know I’m entitled to because I’m just so special.

And then there’s the news feed – it’s seems you’re reading the same articles over and over and over again. Every time I open my laptop it’s like Groundhog day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being happy, but this positive image making malarkey just isn’t convincing. Sometimes life is just fucking sad. And that’s ok.

A story that begins with innocence, goes through some sentimental moments and ends with warmth and nostalgia is… well it’s a boring story.

A real story has ups and downs, lights and darks, fury and compassion. The protagonist will get burned in the heat of battle, will get their heart broken, but will find the courage to love and fight again. It’s a process that makes us who we are – hopefully a more expanded version of who we are.

The directors cut.

Of course our ego wants things to be easy and comfortable because it has a very short shelf life. But our soul is eternal so is more interested in epic long form story telling.

This is the time for a 21st century hero.

Less self serving, more compassionate; less wide and shallow, more soulful and deep; less looking good, more being real.

Because if we’re waiting for the divine purpose of our life to be revealed before we do anything, we’ve just made a decision to do nothing at all.


This is just the moment everything turns to shit – remember?

What would Diane Keaton do? She’d probably throw her hands in the air, laugh and re-write the script.

Then she’d fly to Paris where the true hero would emerge.

No!!!! Sorry, I can’t stop myself… I forgot my mantra. There is no prince. There is no prince. There is no prince.

On the other hand, there’s no greater meaning in life than love. Because love creates friendship, humour and service. To serve without love is sacrifice. But to love without serving is the waste of a life. (Holy shit, now I’m making up aphorisms – it’s contagious)

Purpose is not a solitary pursuit – it’s a global one. Higher consciousness has a plan that serves the whole. When we turn this into an individual plan, it becomes self-serving and it doesn’t work for long. Besides, getting high on your own is a bit rubbish. You can’t say “Killer tune” to empty space.

Living every day as an act of love is purpose enough for anyone. The universe will do the rest.

No more looking moodily sincere and earnest on the road less travelled.

It doesn’t matter who or what, but in the words of Bob Dylan “You’re gonna have to serve someone”.

Self-conscious isn’t conscious – it means feeling shy, not good enough and in need of a grand design to prove your worth. Conscious is just loving the shit out of life. Choose wisely chickens. And if your life is too fabulous for words, just pause for a second over that status update button. Once in a while go tell it on a mountain instead.

KOW 1As long as you can resist the urge for a selfie while you’re there… haha!

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