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Geometricity – the new shape of power

21st December 2012 left a few hippies on mountains looking a little confused.  The world didn’t end.  No spaceships arrived to whisk away the faithful.

As usual, it was our interpretation of data that got skewed.  We always take everything so damned literally.  It’s not the world, but the world as we know it that’s come to an end.

I doubt if people living in 1450 woke up one morning and said “things feel a little different.  Perhaps it’s the Renaissance.”  There were tell tale signs.  People who’d worn beige, sack like tunics for years discovered the joy in color and a few strategically placed darts.   It was the end of the road for flat two-dimensional paintings.  “Hey guys there’s this really cool thing – it’s called PERSPECTIVE!”

It was a great time to be a bohemian artist.

It happened again between 1760 and 1820 when the Industrial Revolution changed the world for ever.  It was all about machine power.  Machines could do the work of a hundred men, and the invention of electricity ensured the work could be carried out both day and night.  We built and engineered the shit out of everything – then we started on the third world.  Roads, railways, bridges, factories.  Our buzz word was PRODUCTIVITY.

It was a great time to be a scientist.

It’s happening now…

But this time, the hippies and the scientists are both in agreement.   We are leaving behind the world of matter and we are entering the world of energy.

Scientists have discovered that 96% of the universe is missing – they know it’s there but it’s INVISIBLE STUFF!

And the invisible stuff contains an awful lot of power.

The beginning of this movement started in 1945 when we split the atom.  It was difficult for the common folk to get their head around this creative leap in science, so the US were happy to demonstrate what it meant, by dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  They took the smallest thing known on the planet – an atom – split it in half and created enough power to wipe out half of Japan!

That’s a lot of power in something very small.

Shortly after this, in the sixties, the hippies started their own exploration into the invisible stuff.  Though they liked to travel to festivals in brightly colored VW camper vans, their journey was an internal rather than an external one.  LSD helped them through the doors of perception to alternative reality.

When they came back, they struggled to describe this reality with any words that made sense.  In the end they resorted to “It’s just all about the love, man.  There’s like this energy and it’s just love.  It’s like all there is, Dude.”

The scientists meanwhile got even bigger microscopes and discovered that the new “smallest thing known on the planet” could be simultaneously both a particle AND a wave – it could be either matter or energy.

And the thing that determined which it was going to be?…  OUR MIND!

Now the creative output from the new world of energy speeded up big time.

Doctors discovered that 80% of placebos worked just as well as chemical medicines – the power of mind over matter, being the same as the power of energy over particles.

Scientists created the Internet – instant communication across space and time via E mail.  Think a thought and POW…  it’s half way across the world at the click of a button.  We don’t need a physical anything any more.  WE LAUGH IN THE FACE OF PARTICLES.

The hippies birthed the new age spirituality movement, whereby prayers (thought intentions) could do everything from healing physical disease, to manifesting a brand new BMW.  “You create your own reality… live the life of your dreams. Sign up, send money, start new life today”.

It’s time for a reality check.

So far in the energy age, we are not doing too well.  People are sicker than ever and the only people living the life of their dreams are the people telling other people how to live the life of their dreams.

It’s always been the case that we are only as effective as the tools we have at our disposal.

Our tool in this energy age is the mind. 

Our thinking needs an upgrade. 

After all if 96% of the universe is missing, and we’re part of the universe, that means 96% of our mind is missing.  Scary huh?

No wonder we’re so ineffective.  I always suspected something was amiss.  If positive thoughts (prayers) can change someone’s reality then negative thoughts must be capable of the same thing right?  This being the case, how come George Bush and all the Wall Street bankers are still alive and kicking?  With all those negative thoughts coming their way, they should at least have some incurable disease by now.

We don’t know how to use the instrument of our mind. 

Our minds are lazy and ineffective, engaged in constant re-runs of old thinking programs.  Sure they were sharp enough for the world we used to live in but times have changed.  In this new energy world, they’re about as useful as a steam engine in a software factory.

We have no idea what the mind is, what it does, what it’s capable of doing and how to use it.

It’s not enough to live in the superficial La La Land of the 4 per cent.  We need to dig deeper and reach higher.  Greater consciousness requires a bit more rigour than kicking back with a latte and sending light and love on Facebook.  And anyway, what does that mean exactly?

Our old thinking programs are directly linked to the energy of our emotions, and we hide them under a sophisticated exterior.  It’s our emotions that created the flight or flight mechanism, so useful in the jungle.  But now that we live in urban “thinking” jungles, this fight or flight response has morphed into a “punish or withdraw” one.

It’s all about the management of energy.  Fear, anger, heartbreak, betrayal and jealousy all create a tendency to punish others with our thoughts or withdraw from them with our energy.

In a way, the universe is perfectly engineered to allow us just enough power to create, without allowing us access to the kind of power that (given our level of consciousness) could cause mass destruction.

However, one of the outcomes of the energy age is our increasing connectedness.  We are now a global community with very different levels of consciousness.  This is slightly scary when we know there are people out there, who think the consequence of hitting the button on the nuclear warhead is an eternity of sex with female virgins and handsome boys.  Oh… and untold wealth.

Perhaps, on reflection, we might have entered the energy age too soon.

We now have two options.

A.  Kill them all.

  1. Not possible.
  2. Like space invaders, crazy people come back multiplied.
  3. How would you recognize them?  There are lots of seriously crazy people masquerading as normal people.  Some of them are running countries.  Some of them are in charge of the global banking system.

B.  Get smarter so we can create better patterns.

  1. 96% is a very big number – that’s a lot of untapped resource.
  2. It just makes more sense.

One day in the future we will look back and it will all seem so obvious.

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