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How to be Madly Creative Part 2

So we’ve heard the arguments. (part one) We know creativity is a good thing. We’re convinced it’s the portal to wellbeing.  And we’re pretty sure it’s essential if we’re going to make the evolutionary leap to a higher state of consciousness. But it can’t be that easy.

There must be a REASON we’re not feeling so creative. And there is…

It’s fear.

Fear ensures there will be no acts of mutiny on the ship bound for the brave new world where an elite few are becoming rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

Fear is cunning because it hides beneath its accomplice… STUFF.

People say “I’ll be creative when I have more STUFF.” (House. Car. Shoes. Ski lodge).

They say “I can’t be creative because I have too much STUFF to DO.” (Drama. Problems. Drama. Problems).

Hiding underneath all the stuff is the REAL FEAR.

Real fear is the potential tsunami hidden in the ocean.  We’re so busy dealing with the waves on the surface, the upgrades for our navigation devices and the scarcity of organic limes, that we deny our real fear.

We pretend the fear isn’t there… we’re just too busy to be creative right now.

But we’re scared of creative expression because it means we have to own the consequences of our choices.

So we pretend that we have no choice.  No power. No creativity.

Meanwhile the world is going crazy.

People are looking for saviors, leaders, visionaries.

People who can do epic shit.

But the world doesn’t change because one person makes a big decision.  It happens because a lot of people make lots of very small ones.

Steve Jobs made some big decisions, but his success relied on millions of people agreeing with those decisions and taking subsequent action. Without them he’d be just another guy who likes to sleep with software.

Creativity isn’t one big epic thing – Michelangelo’s David, James Joyce’s Ulysses, Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark.  These are the outcomes of an entire life lived creatively. The logical conclusion of millions of creative thoughts.

Creativity is the driving force behind the hundreds of small choices we all make every day… as long as we don’t abdicate that power of choice to other people.

And become sheep.

Sheep don’t have to be accountable for their choices.   They can blame everything on the weather, the government, the price of wool.  If we want to stop being sheep and start becoming higher conscious beings, we have to deal with the FEAR of becoming accountable for our choices.

It’s time to stop pussyfooting around the FEAR and start treating it like it just slept with your boyfriend.

Get angry with the fear.

This is no longer about “Show me the money”, it’s about saying “Stop scurrying around in the shadows and show me your goddamn face. How dare you make me feel inadequate.  And while we’re at it go fuck with someone else’s mind.”

Becoming accountable for our choices and leading a creative life is not for the faint hearted.

But as Joan of Arc said “I am not afraid.  I was born to do this.”

If we dare to venture ourselves, there might be humiliation, heartbreak or complete failure. Other people might not like or approve of our choices. Hell, we may not even like them – sometimes our intuition tells us things we don’t want to hear, but having heard them we can’t ‘un-hear’ them. Well we can, but at that point we are consciously choosing to sabotage our creative spirit.

If we don’t express ourselves, we are agreeing to become the cogs in someone else’s dream machine.  Galley slaves on someone else’s boat.

Stop saying “I’ll be creative when… “  or “I can’t be creative because… “

Kill your fear.

Kick ass creativity course BE creative NOW starts this September.

Inspiration, strategy, laughter, tears and possibly a bit of sword fighting.

BE ready.




  1. You do the pictures, I’ll do the words…

  2. jcaswell says:

    Going to steal this – “If we don’t express ourselves, we are agreeing to become the cogs in someone else’s dream machine. Galley slaves on someone else’s boat.”

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