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How to be Madly Creative

The world is going more than a little crazy recently.

Pessimists say we’re heading for Armageddon – a world in which…

The evil Monsanto controls all global food production. Horrendously expensive real food for the few and cheap, toxic, highly addictive food for the masses.

The health system collapses under the weight of all the obese, diabetes ridden, heart attack victims who have been made ill by all the crap food.

The media purveys a never-ending stream of inane, dumbed down hypnotic garbage that numbs the senses, plus of course Porn – the only means by which the de-sensitised, emotionally crippled consumers can get turned on any more.

Competition (the driving force of survival) reaches its obvious conclusion – a few people stand on the winner’s podium.  Everybody else loses.

The optimists on the other hand say we’re heading for a huge leap to the realms of higher consciousness .  A world in which…

Corporations pick up the gauntlet and pioneer conscious capitalism.

People choose to live more healthy lifestyles – prevention rather than cure becomes the focus.

The internet takes over from the traditional media, consigning trashy tabloids and car crash TV to history. TED educates the populace and tantric sex trumps tits and ass.

Collaboration (the driving force of consciousness) achieves its objective – an equitable world where wellbeing is achieved by creative expression rather than consumption. Everybody wins.

Creative expression can take various forms – making, solving, caring, teaching, inventing, playing, healing but its primary aim is to give out rather than to accumulate.

Our current state of low consciousness is predatory – Kill (the competition). Consume (More stuff!).  Climb (the ladder). This philosophy was portrayed for a time as upward social mobility.  Sounds good in theory, but the cracks are now apparent in the system.

The people at the top have kicked away the ladder.   CEO to worker pay gap has increased a thousand per cent since the 1950s.  It’s almost impossible for people to improve their standard of living through hard work alone.

Not many people are getting angry about this because they’re scared the little they have will be taken away. Jobs will go to the third world where they’re happy to work for less than a dollar a day. Hell, even people on welfare are better off than this. At least they can afford a pizza and a beer and can sit around watching crap TV all day.

This is what happens when financial status is the means by which you determine ‘wellbeing’.

The pizza consuming TV watchers don’t jump out of bed in the morning thinking it’s great to be alive. The CEOs probably don’t jump out of bed either. They’re making hay while the sun’s still shining and hoping that they still have a libido that works when they finally get to cash their chips in.

In fact, people living in the third world or fighting in war zones probably have a better sense of well being. At least they get to exercise their creative muscle – even if it is just “I wonder how I’m going to get to eat/stay alive today?”

Wellbeing is about creative expression.

People who jump out of bed in the morning do so because they love the way they express themselves to the world and can’t wait to get at it.

It’s time to explore your particular means of that expression.

Because the only way to deal with a crazy world is to become madly creative.

What is it in you that lies sleeping, waiting to be woken up by the kiss of true love?

New creativity courses starting in September. 

Wake up your creative spark.

No Prince required.


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