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What the world needs now is NOT love

Burt Bacharach was wrong.

What the world needs now is a parent.

Rioting, looting kids?  A parent would have picked up on the fact that the children were about to go bonkers and done something about it BEFORE the event.  It stands to reason.  It’s the summer holidays – they’re bored, with nothing to do and nowhere to go.  The only thing they have to look forward to is the winter of discontent .  Having been spoon fed a diet of doom and gloom from the world’s media, they see no positive future.

Scamming, looting bankers?  A parent would have nailed these guys.  “Stop being so greedy”.  “Learn to Share”.  “Play nicely”.  You just don’t DO that to other people.

Deceitful, looting politicians?  Same thing – “Think about the consequences of your actions”. “You’re setting a bad example.” “You’re a big boy/girl now, you have to look after the others”.

Ironically at a time when the world needs parents with “the right stuff”, we’re making parents out of children.  Teenagers – either because they’re bored or naïve – are having children of their own.  Many of the rioting kids in London last week have no stable background and in many cases have grown up without a father.

Add to this crazy state of affairs the Ugly Sisters of Business and Media – and you have the perfect molotov cocktail.

Business is all about selling.  We’ve exhausted traditional forms of selling (because we now have everything we need).  In order to keep selling, businesses have had to be more creative – so now they sell Brands and Lifestyles.  You may not need a phone but you need THIS phone.  You may not need a pair of trainers, but you’re a loser if you wear those trainers.  You’re a sexy, cool person if you wear THESE trainers.

The Media are in on this heinous scam.   Their message is “Rich and famous is the only gig in town – and you don’t need to be a decent, honest person to be rich and famous.  In fact you don’t even need to be educated”.

The Media create celebrities, who promote lifestyle brands for CASH.  “Wear this stuff and be like me”.  This is pretty much like hanging outside the school gates selling starter packs of crack cocaine.

Then, when all the kids are hooked on smack – either glassy eyed with hopelessness or crazy eyed with yearning, the politicians tell them to grow up.

Is this not the most ridiculous scenario in the world?

Smash the unholy trinity of Business, Politics and Media and bring in some parents.  

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  1. John Caswell says:

    100%!!!! if I could make it more I would!

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