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Because life is simple and complex.

Geometricity describes the interface between geometry (shapes or patterns) and electricity (force).
Life in simple terms could be described as a force flowing through a pattern.  If we want to change the world (hands up, you know who you are) we need to look at which one of these can be tinkered with.

The force?  I don’t think so…

From Tutankhamen to Luke Skywalker (past/present), from Buddah to Einstein (East, West) and everything in between, we have attempted to map, describe and figure out the force.  We continue to be fascinated by it. (Dan Brown very wealthy man…Bible belt not being tightened any time soon).

Our new Holy Grail is creativity…the force made manifest.

In a world full of complex problems and overcrowded markets, creativity is the only thing that will get us through.  We’ve gone as far as we can with knowledge. We need the knowledge beyond knowledge, which hopefully will look more like wisdom.
The only problem is, we can’t order up, download, or control cutting edge creativity – and if the mountain won’t come to Mohamed…

We need to change the patterns…

An archetype is a pattern, a template through which the force of the universe flows.  Life loves diversity so there are a lot of archetypes:
Clowns, Kings, Warriors, Teachers, Engineers, Artistes, Visionaries, Rebels, Pirates, Damsels, Healers etc etc.

There are also lots of archetypal processes:
Birth and Death, Journeys, Transformation, Customs, Rituals, Marriage, Ordination, Initiation etc etc.

We, however, are not so fond of diversity – we like to keep the patterns under tight control – copying the archetypes we think are the successful ones, ridiculing the ones we think are crazy, denouncing the ones with no proven track record and plain refusing to allow any new ones to come through.  We like familiarity.

Our best strategies look like tired old routines presided over by identikit leaders.

We complain about the lack of choice but we won’t let the new choices emerge through the square holes we’ve chosen to box ourselves into.
We pray to the God of Creativity but the force is not with us…it’s outside the box (where most of the other good things are).
This is what our requests sound like…”Give us a new idea, fast…but make sure it comes in a form that’s familiar and safe”.

That’s like asking a hurricane to remove only the blue cars.

We block the creative force because we want to reduce its speed and its potency to a level that doesn’t scare us.  We want low voltage electricity…but then we want it to perform high voltage tasks.  Where were we in physics class?  Obviously not paying attention.

And while we’re on the subject of relevant education…we have accepted the importance of the three ‘R’s…’writing, reading, arithmetic’.  Changing the patterns, however, requires the application of three ‘C’s…

Curiosity…what new shapes are starting to emerge?
Questions…what type of inspiration would I be scared to receive?
Quest…am I prepared to apply some discipline and ingenuity in the journey to break the old patterns?

We need to ‘get in shape’.  And we can do this by developing:-

Flexibility of mind (this prevents the default pattern of judgement)
Strength of Heart (this stops the default pattern of cynicism)
Killer Abs (you need guts to confront the default pattern of cowardice)

Geometricity is ‘soul pilates’.  It builds a strong core.  With that in place, we can invoke the creative force to reveal new destinations, new processes and new ways of being.  Core strength allows us to change our shape, survive the hurricane and prosper in the new paradigm.

So the question is…Are we willing to change and to be changed?

Or will we just go on building bigger boxes and keeping an eye on the weather…

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