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The Bible – still literal after all these years.

So the biggest U.S. cable TV blockbuster of the year is… The Bible.  Five two hour programs that cover the story of the world from Genesis to Revelation.  Eleven million viewers per episode.  Satan looks distinctly Muslim.  The fundamentalists are vindicated.

Stories, myths, fables, allegories are wonderful vehicles for understanding the world we live in.  How sad therefore that one of the biggest stories of all time remains firmly in the literal one.  At a time in history when we could really do with some wisdom from the higher realms, all we hear is a rousing chorus of “Gimmy that old time religion”.

One of the most interesting developments of recent times is the coming together of science and spirituality.  As we evolve, we go from a literal to a symbolic interpretation of events.  Here is the story so far…

1.  Literal 1.0

God made the world in 6 days.

God looks very much like a human male – extra large version.  He has big emotions (mainly restricted to extreme wrath).  He has big thoughts (there is a grand plan but we are too small to understand it, so we have to trust).

Scientists are crazy people with threatening ideas.  We can’t have evolved from bacteria, via apes because we are made in God’s LITERAL image.  (Any non physical interpretation of ‘image’ is just too much for Version 1.0 consciousness to cope with).

2.  Literal 2.o

God had a son who came down to show the world how things should be – peace, harmony and unconditional love.

Methods for acquiring this new operating platform are forgiveness of others (remove the wood from your own eye before you try to extract the splinter in your brother’s) and prayer (praise God and love your neighbour.)

Exceptions to this rule – any people who disagree, in which case it’s ok to kill them. (Version 2.0 consciousness does not cope well with irony or paradox).

Scientists are tolerated (we love the medical advances) but need to be kept in check in case they attempt to ‘play God’ (stem cell research/abortion) in which case it’s ok to kill them.

3.  Pre-symbolic 

Two big themes emerge.

1.  ‘We create our own reality’.  

Scientists discover that the world is made of vibrating atoms.  Visual sight is deceptive (warning things in the mirror appear solid!).

If things are not solid, then everything is connected to everything else energetically. Waves become particles, particles disappear into waves.  Thoughts (energy) become things (particles).

If a prayer is a thought (hint your lips don’t have to move) then we are ‘praying’ whenever we are thinking – ie ALL THE TIME.

If the things we create match the vibration of our thoughts, then it’s the quality of our vibration that’s most important.  In other words if we pray for world peace but we are angry we create world anger.  If we pray for abundance but we feel mean, we create scarcity.

When we look around us to the state of the world, we can see that most of our prayers have in fact been answered!

2.  ‘All is One’

Pre the Big Bang we were all one, then we split into millions of particles (expansion) and eventually there will be a coming together again (contraction.)

The principle of Projection is the key to understanding our world. We see people not as they are but as we are (hence the meaning of the splinter and the wood).  Forgiveness is not about ‘being the better person’, it’s a method for healing the unconscious aspects of our own selves.

When Jesus was hauled before Pilate and asked mockingly if he was ‘King of the Jews’ he didn’t say yes or no, he said “It is as you say it is”.

This is a CLUE people.

4.  Symbolic

So here we are at the cutting edge of the new paradigm, with our two big themes… only this is how Literal 1.0 consciousness seems to be interpreting them.

‘We create our own reality’ 

We were happy in the Garden of Eden, creating Jack shit. Everything was provided for us. Then we ate from the Tree of Knowledge. This was a VERY BAD IDEA and should not have happened.  God knows best.  Don’t think… and stay away from Apple products.

‘All is One’

The ‘expansion’ was the separation from God in the Garden of Eden, from which point on we had to prove ourselves worthy of being taken back to heaven.

The ‘contraction’ is Judgement Day. Not a happy reunion, but a time when we come before the court of God to see how well we did on earth, and are subsequently consigned to an eternity in hell or heaven.

We create hell or heaven in every moment… with our collective thoughts.

Sometimes I fear we’re going backwards, not forwards in the story of evolution. If everything is energy and  we’re going in two different directions what happens next?We’ve seen what happens when we split the atom, what happens when we split the world?

Television is scary.  

But people are scarier still.








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