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The Messiah Complex

BE-ing creative is about noticing things.

The McMindfulness people call it ‘awareness’. Carl Jung called it ‘synchronicity’.

Currently, two things are happening.

1. Nelson Mandela is dying

2. Russell Brand is eating people alive

Let’s take the first thing…

Of course we’re all dying by various degrees. Some people who look alive are pretty much dead, they just haven’t fallen over yet. In other words the part of them that experiences joy (their creative spirit) has decided there is very little going on, so has left to go walkabout.

You can see it in their eyes. There’s nobody home.

Nelson Mandela is an old man. He was a magnificent one. But he’s played his part and he’s probably ready to leave the stage. I should imagine he’s planning to re-incarnate on a more evolved planet next time. Let’s face it, he’s more than paid his dues on this one.

But of course ‘we’ won’t let him leave. An army of Doctors is trying to keep him alive…

because he’s become an ICON, the icon of the saviour – and we’re desperate for icons these days.  

When he finally defeats the doctors and takes his place in the cosmos, there will be an outpouring of grief and calls to deify him. We will say it is to ‘honour’ him. But he’s gone. He won’t care. The honouring will be all about us…

Our need to align ourselves with his values and thereby gain a little goodness by association.

Our need to feel emotions, from a safe distance. (Think Lady Di’s funeral.)

And now the second…

Russell Brand likes to live on the cutting edge of higher consciousness. He doesn’t always get it right, but when he does he approaches true genius.

There are of course different paths to higher consciousness, because we are made up of mind, body and spirit.

Traditional religions are all about the spirit and the need to reject or control the body – sexuality is bad.  This had some dreadful consequences (pedophilia and misogyny ). To serve this agenda they eliminated all women from the Bible, made Jesus a celibate and turned his partner, Mary Magdalen, into a prostitute. The Vatican have since apologised for this saying it was wrong, but they did it for a good reason.

They just needed an ICON of repentance – and  they didn’t think anyone would check.

After all if Jesus can forgive a prostitute, he can forgive anyone. (Having sex clearly worse than murder in traditional religions!)

New Age spirituality is all about the mind. Control your thoughts and you become the conscious creator of your reality. This philosophy has spawned a bevy of mindfulness methodologies and billions of books. Judging by the sales on Amazon there are a lot of people trying to reach heaven through the book-case.

Note this is not Narnia people.

So that’s mind and spirit, which leaves of course the missing piece – the body. There is an energy centre in the body that governs sexuality – and it also happens to govern creativity. To the ancients, this was a viable pathway to God. Tantric sex masters were able to bring together mind, body and spirit in such a way as to access higher consciousness. This is the true Holy Trinity (one that will allow the species to leap to the next level)

Like many rock ‘n rollers, when Russell was a lad, he was well aware of his sexual potency and he used it to great effect, leaving a string of broken hearts in his wake. But what’s interesting and hopeful is that he seems bored by the inevitable conquests and the quick hit of adrenaline fuelled sex. He’s now exploring life at a whole new level, incorporating yoga of the body, meditation of the mind and creativity of the spirit.

At lower levels of consciousness, creative expression is limited to procreative sex and killing. Nelson Mandela knew, better than anyone, how difficult it is to stop people killing each other and over populating the country. Legislation and government schemes don’t work, because we’re focussing on the wrong problem – we need to raise the level of consciousness. Not in an earnest, punitive, ‘you should do this’ sort of way (‘cos that’s not going to work) but because it’s big and it’s clever. And if that’s not a good enough reason…

In higher states of consciousness the sex becomes cosmic and there is no death.

Watching Russell Brand reduce a lower consciousness TV anchor woman into an incoherent teenager was an exercise in creative sexual mastery.

You can see it in his eyes. There’s something bigger than he is there.

He kills me… but in a good way.

Oh and he managed to talk about ICONS too.







  1. Kim says:

    “Sexual and creative energy are after all the same thing – the energy of life itself.” Could you explain this a bit? I’m having a difficult time understanding…

    • Eleanor O'Rourke says:

      Sure! This is the energy of the second chakra. Life energy pulsates through the body via seven interfaces or chakras. These spinning wheels of energy each have a different quality to them. The first chakra or root chakra is about groundedness – our relationship to the earth and to ‘being here’. People with healthy first chakras make very good navigators – and gardeners. Energy blocks here can result in feeling scattered or a sense of not belonging. Physical issues govern the legs.

      After ‘arrival’ the first thing we want to do is express ourselves – this is second chakra between the naval and the perineum. The second chakra is about our relationship with others. The energy here governs the sexual organs on a physical level but also our ability to relate to the world via our self expression – our creativity. On the physical level our ‘transactions’ with the world are usually about money – the means by which we trade our skills with and sex – the means by which we trade our essence. Blockages in the second chakra can result in issues around money and sexual relationships on an emotional level and ultimately ailments of the sexual organs on a physical one. A healthy second chakra can allow us to stop hiding and share ourselves with the world without fear of humiliation or failure.

      Issues become manifest first through thoughts (beliefs)…then through the emotions (anger, depression)…then finally they hit the physical body itself. Learning to read energy is like having an early warning device! Your own personal CAT scan!

      Hope this helps.

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