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The 4th bite of the apple

It seems like only yesterday we were talking about ‘the knowledge economy’ and ‘the information age’, but already this is becoming out of date as we enter – The Energy Age.

To be fair, it’s been coming for quite a while, we just didn’t read the signs.  As soon as the atom was split we opened up the possibility for another layer of consciousness to emerge.

It heralded in a whole new world of communications, products and services. Energy mail (E mail), energy medicine (holistic health based on ‘life force’ ‘chi’ ‘chakras’ etc), energy currency (digital banking and money transactions) energy trade – stock options in ‘futures’ rather than solid commodities.

This new age has some interesting features.  Being energy, it is comfortable dealing with intangibles you can’t hold the mail in your hands, you can’t see the blocked energy in your liver and you certainly can’t touch the assets in your hedge fund.  It has another interesting twist to it…

Paradox…the energy age copes well with paradox. What’s big is small, what’s small is big. In the old days size mattered – flagship buildings, assets, employees. Now the big money is on ‘an idea’, which takes up less space than an atom, which coincidentally can destroy the whole of Japan.

As we move into the world of energy, the physical world becomes less and less significant.  We are not so much interested in ‘what is’ we are looking towards ‘what wants to be’.  After all, if we can figure out what is emerging and become involved in this we might just stay ahead of the curve.  In order to navigate in this world, it helps if we can interpret things symbolically rather than literally.  Let’s go…

The apple and the Evolution of Consciousness

Eve and the apple. Significant step up in the journey of evolution – eating from the tree of knowledge.  As a species we became ‘self conscious’ hence the fig leaves.  We left our animal instincts behind in favor of opposable thumbs, fire, the wheel and a nagging sense of guilt (after all we did defy God).

Isaac Newton and the apple. Step 2.  The apple falls, Newton discovers gravity and the secrets of the entire universe start unfolding.  Science replaces God, as it seems to have an answer for everything (except the guilt).

Steve Jobs and the apple. Step 3 Design technology reaches its zenith and changes the way we do just about everything. iPhones, iPads and iPods are the new Holy Trinity.  The world changes beyond recognition.  Steve is God (what ya gonna make for us next?)

It seems Eddie Cochran was wrong – there are more than three steps to heaven.  Now that we have voraciously consumed the apple, what are we left with?  Step Four…

Humanity and the seeds inside the core.

Our old school mentality would throw this part away.  Our elevated consciousness understands this is the starting point of a new era. We can choose where and how to plant these seeds.  For the first time in history, we have the chance to break free from the authorities we have given our power to, whether these be governments, institutions or methodologies.  We can form our own networks of like minded individuals.

The internet enabled social networks. The semantic web will revolutionize value networks – radically different ways of connecting, exchanging information, pooling resources and solving problems.

We need to grow a new tree, not a tree of knowledge but of wisdom.

This is our opportunity to overthrow the old fear based regimes of isolation, accumulation and defence, with the new organizing principles of joining, sharing and creativity.  Networks are the new tribes.  Bloggers are its elders.  Elders point out that all choices have a consequence but they also remind us of the simple joy to be found in communities.

Stop investing in the status quo. Find tribe.  Plant seeds. Be amazed.

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